Evolve is the Houston Auto Show Presenting Sponsor

Evolve Houston
Feb 2, 2023

Evolve returned to the 2023 Houston Auto Show as the Presenting Sponsor.

Between January 25-29, 2023, Evolve featured an indoor EV showroom and brought the first All-Electric Ride & Drive to the Houston Auto Show! We worked with local dealers, EV owners, and car manufacturers to bring the latest EVs to Houstonians; including the F-150 Lightning, VW ID.4, and the Polestar 2.

This year, the indoor EV showroom featured the Mustang Mach-E, Audi Q4 e-tron, Volvo XC40 Recharge, Polestar 2, and more. We focused on providing attendees with the information and tools they need to help them go electric and to better understand what options are available.

Attendees also had the opportunity to learn more about how our founding members are actively working towards a more electric future; CenterPoint Energy, Reliant an NRG company, and the University of Houston joined Evolve's 2023 showroom.

Evolve hosted Houston Auto Show's first all-electric ride & drive. Over 1,200 attendees had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the latest electric trucks and cars available in the U.S.

During the Houston Auto Show, over 500 attendees told us what they thought about EVs:

Do you currently own an EV?

14% said "Yes!"

  • 4% own an HEV
  • 2% own a PHEV
  • 8% own a BEV

72% said "No, I do not own an EV"

14% said "No, I do not own a vehicle"

We asked the non-EV owners the following questions...

Would you consider purchasing an EV?

62% said yes!

Are you interested in test driving an EV?

54% said yes!

Why would you not purchase an EV?

(This question was displayed to the 38% of respondents who answered "No" to wanting to purchase an EV).

The top 3 responses were:

23% said "I believe that there are not enough charging stations"

22% said "I believe battery range is a concern"

18.5% said "I believe that electric vehicles are out of my price range"

What are your top considerations when purchasing an EV?

Here are the top 3 considerations:

  1. 82% said "Battery Range"
  2. 79% said "Charging Capabilities"
  3. 66%-67% said "Price" and "Technology"

Here are the lowest 3 considerations:

  1. 25% said "Environmental Impact"
  2. 21% said "Performance"
  3. 19% said "Rebates and Purchase Incentives"

What price range(s) would you consider purchasing an electric vehicle for?

23% said between "$10,000-$30,000 USD"

65% said between "$30,000-$50,000 USD"

12% said "$50,000 USD or more"

And, we asked the EV owners the following questions...

Is the EV the primary vehicle in your household?

69% said "Yes!"

16% said "Yes, both of my vehicles are EVs"

15% said "No, my EV is a supplementary vehicle"

What do you primarily use your EV for?

78% said "I use my EV for daily use - like commuting to work, grocery store, etc."

12% said "I use my EV for commercial purposes"

9% said "I use my EV for leisure"

Where do you most often charge your EV?

65% said "Home"

16% said "Work"

10% said "Public Charging Stations"

9% said "Other"

What were your top considerations when purchasing your EV?

Here are the top 3 considerations:

  1. 60% said "Battery Range"
  2. 57% said "Technology"
  3. 56% said "Interior Space" and "Charging Capabilities"

Here are the lowest considerations:

  1. 28% said "Rebates & Purchase Incentives"
  2. 26% said "Performance", "Environmental Impact", and "Price"

Do you expect to purchase another electric vehicle for your next vehicle purchase?

54% said "Yes!"

37% said "Maybe"

9% said "No"

HAS team

See you at the 2024 Houston Auto Show!

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