Introducing eMobility Microgrant Community Champions for 2023-2024

Evolve Houston
Feb 27, 2024

Evolve, in collaboration with local nonprofits, Community Champions (community reviewers), and Corporate Catalysts joined forces for the eMobility Microgrant Initiative. This initiative aimed to provide funding to grassroots eMobility projects addressing mobility needs in historically underserved neighborhoods in Houston. Between August and September 2023, Evolve welcomed microgrant applications from the Greater Houston area, covering locations such as Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, and Galveston.

During this period, Evolve enlisted ten Community Champions through a public nomination process. These champions play a crucial role in reviewing microgrant applications, advocating for their communities, and identifying projects that bring maximum value and impact to their respective neighborhoods.

Introducing the 2023-2024 Community Champions cohort, we are thrilled about the positive changes they will contribute to the community through their dedication and involvement in this initiative.

Yusulf Benson

My name is Yusulf Benson. I currently work at GE. My role focuses on Supporting continuous power generation for our global customers. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because I benefited from great community programs when I was young and know the impact they can have. I am an avid community advocate for those who for whatever reason need help and are in any way inhibited from getting help that I can resolve.

Chloe Rushing

My name is Chloe Rushing. I currently work as a Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant and Strategic Director. My role focuses on helping nonprofits achieve fundraising efforts and goals. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because I am inspired by Evolve Houston's commitment to fostering positive change within the community. The prospect of contributing to initiatives that empower and uplift the local community aligns perfectly with my personal and professional values. I am eager to leverage my skills and experiences to drive meaningful impact and support the incredible work that Evolve Houston is doing.

Ben Chou
My name is Ben Chou. I am an AAPI and LGBT community advocate in Houston. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because we need more transportation options for all Houstonians.

Gloria Moreno
I am Gloria Moreno. At the City of Houston, I work on recovery projects for the City of Houston As a community activist in the Second Ward, it is important that we support new ideas to prepare people for the future especially in electric vehicles for a cleaner future.

Edidiong Chrys Obot

My name is Edidiong Chrys Obot. I currently work at Ramboll, a global engineering, architecture, and consultancy company. My role as a Senior Lead Managing Consultant focuses on Environmental Justice, Compliance, and Community Engagement. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because connecting the dots in the community through advocacy, social impact, and community engagement pushes the needle towards environmental justice and allocation of equitable resources in our communities.

Karla Martinez

My name is Karla Martinez. It’s great to support sustainable initiatives that will help evolve our future. At Arup work towards shaping a better world and sustainable. Supporting local community projects that will help keep our environment cleaner is something that's important for our future in order to have a healthy and safe wellbeing.

Shaundra Jacobs

I'm Shaundra Jacobs, currently employed at Dream Spring, a Community Development Financial Institution. My role revolves around community engagement, supporting small business entrepreneurs. Joining Evolve Houston as a Community Champion excites me, as I aim to empower entrepreneurs and contribute to organizations making clean air and sustainable transportation a reality.

Charles Stein

My name is Charles. I currently work at AT&T. My role focuses on enabling digital access, literacy, and skills. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because eMobility Microgrants drive community development through technology partnerships.

Aja Edwards-Smith

My name is Aja Edwards-Smith. I currently work at EY and my role focuses on the Technology used within the Energy Transition across Utilities and Oil & Gas companies. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because the acceleration of electric vehicle purchases has now exacerbated the need for more functional, accessible, and practical EV infrastructure. I am passionate about access to equitable transportation and infrastructure for everyone. Hence, evolve underscores that excitement by supporting entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations who are poised to offer immediate solutions that will help mitigate our ongoing climate challenges faced in Houston; and for me this movement is incredible to witness and encouraging to see come to life!

Aiesha Odutayo

My name is Aiesha Odutayo. I currently work for the Houston Independent School District. My role focuses on providing life learning experiences and opportunities for students to enhance their critical thinking skills and build their vocabulary. I am excited to join Evolve Houston as a Community Champion because I love providing resources and experiences to communities.

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